Hanging Limbs & what black males Must do

Just as the days of old, there are many hanging limbs in the black community.The only difference is that black youths are inadvertently hanging each other. Perhaps, it is easy to say that the federal government must intervene and supply monetary fundings in areas less fortunate, right? But have not the government been the male spouse of too many households by excusing the males and over supporting the females? 
     Giving federal money is only a small part of the equation. In order to solve the equation, black men must stand and become proactive in the way that we involve ourselves and protect the community.
     If white Americans were to bring to the forefront the crisis of “hanging limbs” (violence), then there would be an outcry of racism. Many blacks would scream racism of hatred, fear, and insensitivity. This has not only become a problem, but it give those black men that are aiming to bring forth harm, an origin of control over something that can never be controlled..The hood..
     You see, when black men implement a no snitching rule, sell drugs, pimp out women, and create violence, this prevents social growth, mental growth and spiritual growth, all in the name of unchecked  ignorance.
     In totality, it is because there have been so many hanging limbs (violent males) within the community, that others that come into the community without a purpose to “live” in harmony will almost always conform to the negative experiences of a dilapidated environment.
     When black men are hung from these limbs, which are set in place by other black males, they invest themselves into an environment without a purpose to acknowledge self worth, and all along, too many hold their communities hostage and remove a term meant for love “neighbor” and isolate it from “hood” which is meant for togetherness.  This is tragic..
  Finally, there is still hope. If black men would care enough, hold themselves accountable enough, love enough, and provide enough, then and only then will we see a change in our self, community, household and world..We Must Stand Up..!

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One Response to Hanging Limbs & what black males Must do

  1. christyle42 says:

    Yes, the federal bureau statistics found that from 1976- 2011, over 260,000 black on black homicides have occured…This is a fact..You are right, there are many black that are trying such as myself..However, there are way too many of us that have created and are still creating hanging limbs by robbery, dope selling, hot item selling, drive by shooting, etc.You name it..I cant sugar coat it, because by doing so in the past is what has been so much more detrimental on a weak mind..Also,just read the Schotts Foundation report in black males completing school..There are way too many of us that are forsaking an education to no avail at all..
    Our solution starts at mentoring by teaching youths how to read, character building, spiritual endowment and how to respect self ..This is Real and unless we become proactive and live out loud to Love, then we will pay the price ..

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