Is there a Rope or Hope for Black Males?

I am speaking to my audience as a black man. A black man that was raised in the streets and out of the mirery clay of poverty. Dirt poor! I’ve walked with black men, fought with black men, talk with black men, but still can’t understand our position within a world filled with possibilities, yet many of us desire to have no purpose. I Will not blame the government, nor the past years of slavery that was God-ordained to happen, in order that we may rejoice in the freedom that we now experience.

So what is wrong? How can black men destroy scores of communities by way of violence robbery and mistrust? How can so many black men overlook one of the most important opportunities this life can offer and shelve themselves into a life of street ignorance and irresponsible behavior, by forfeiting an Education?…How can we fight against neighboring black males to proclaim a state owned territory (projects), rename it the ” hood”, and minimize it to a field of violence and criminal activities that encases black families? Who do we blame? Is this not similar to tribal warfare out of the bosom of Mother Africa? Are we seriously blaming others for how we continually impose our selfish ways, upon the heads of younger black boys coming under us? Hmmmm

Who is it that suffocates the hope out of communities and sell to their own people the very thing that will render a community  hopeless? Who are the strong holds within the community? Who destroys a community? Who are they that rob and kill within the community? What if police officers never patrolled many unstable communities the way they do? Would we expect for black men to take authority, address negative issues, pull their pants up and face what it is we’ve ran from for years and years? Are we capable of being ACCOUNTABLE and RESPONSIBLE or does it take housing us into prisons in order for us to “think” and “become”, what we otherwise fail to think and become before going to jail.

On the surface, black males that are in the pathway of preventing upward social movement for many of our neighboring communities throughout America is the worst thing that can ever happen to a community. If one is to improve the standards of a young black man that is unwilling to define his purpose in life, then one must educate him and liberate him from one of his strongest weaknesses and that is a woman with (low-self esteem) and drugs. These two have become the biggest downfall for black men so much so, that we can stand in the streets of our communities, watch our teenage boys sell drugs on the corner and accept it. That’s TRAGIC Black Men!

When men open their minds to freedom, he understands the philosophy of truth, his purpose and most of all the penal system. When these three are studied and put forth into practice, then and only then will he discover the truth about himself, his purpose in life (which shouldn’t be gangs, drugs, robbery and killing) his community and a system that has tried to rehab a black mind, but now enjoys the profit from the mis-aligned behavior of many black men.

P.S.   Take part in community education. Challenge Yourself to start a youth reading program within your own community. Three hours a week can make a huge difference.



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One Response to Is there a Rope or Hope for Black Males?

  1. wow!!!!!, i wish all the black men would read and understand this very much….
    very well written ,

    having said so… i find it very irrelevant to compare lack of responsibility , not wanting to work , not wanting education and unnecessary , very unjustified violence to the misfortunes of the African continent.

    in Africa, most people do not have an opportunity to be anything else , here in America, anyone can be what ever they want if they choose to … , big big difference…..

    i am from Africa even though i live in the USA, the mentality and the culture of blacks here is very very different from the mentalities and cultures of us back in Africa.

    here, they do not work because it is cool not to, they want to get rich without having to sweat for it. they blame the government and history that its ink is almost fading away from paper.., . i have never seen a community that is so so self pity that they rob them selves great opportunities..

    now in Africa it is different, poverty, lack of modern civilization, lack of order , lack of proper education and a third world…. what can possibility come out of people trapped in situations like this?

    but if given the opportunity that the black folks are given here, i bet our men will run very very fast and achieve greatness…..

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