Meet the Coroner

I’m considered hard, thuggish, a menace unto my own desires, and an asset unto the prison system with no regards to the wealth of potentials within me.
I am a liability unto the world, only when I hold my community hostage for the sake of drugs. A terror unto the minds of my kind, and a threat unto the very freedom that lies before me.., and the reason is because, I’m on my way…
While on my way, I carry a gun for several different reasons. I’ve conditioned my mind that another black man will destroy me, therefore I carry a gun. I hang in places where people like me are considered untrustworthy and instead of elevating my mind to seek something better, I imprison myself behind environmental bars..
I’m out at night seeking to gang bang, make a sell or “hit a lick”, because I’m simply on my way….
Then all of a sudden…, one night during this walk of life, I’m hit by an experience. One I knew would come, but one I never saw coming. And now that it’s here it will always be a part of me.., the feelings of a bullet..
My mind said run, and as I started to run I looked back at a distance to see if they were still behind me. Breathing hard and most likely out of breath, I slowly turn around and walk back to where the shooting occurred. The chase is over and I see no one.. The pulses in my neck beat stronger as I approach this stranger lying on the ground. Silence slowly covers the night as I recall everything that was ever told to me..”You can be more, Stop hanging in the streets, Stop selling drugs, Get an education, Change your mindset, Live for your son and live for your daughter!”
And just like that, my legs give way while standing over Me! I can hear the distant siren and realize help is on the way..Can this be help?
And with a wink of an eye,….. I meet a young man whose name I didn’t know but whose hands were warm to my cold body and whose job it was to figure out what happen to the young black body lying on his steel cold table. At that moment, I had just met the Coroner..

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