After Trayvon

The killing of Trayvon Martin was a tragedy that no parent should have to experience. Not only was the killing senseless but many issues leading up to that fatal night could have been different had Zimmerman used his common sense and annihilated the profile his mind fed him.
On the other hand we can not bring back that which has happened, but this can be a learning tool for many black Americans. This learning tool should call for us as black Americans to readjust the issues concerning the number of blacks youths that kill others black youth..Where do we stand on that? What if George Zimmerman had been black along with Trayvon, would there had been protest? Do you think the media would have given it much thought? The answer is no..There is a mechanical perception driven by the media that alarms and arrest the issues of racism at will and blacks get there recognition in something they often stand for on one side, but otherwise accept on another side..That is, whites shouldn’t kill us, but blacks often kill us..
If we are to be reactive just as we were during this trial, then we must be proactive and not accept how we deal with each other(Murder-wise). Blacks should always be just as proactive when any black youth is killed..For e.g.,Just count the number of black youths killed within your community by another black youth then ask, what was proactively done?
Drive by shootings had become so common at one time that it happened weekly and biweekly in some parts of the country. But how do we react?
In other words, as black men, when we walk, talk, stand, and respect each other and not perceive each other as a crime of opportunity, then and only then will the mind of this system perceive us as black men to be what we can truly become. That is; Respectful, nonviolent and proactive in the education of those that must follow if there is to be a change. ..

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