Decolonizing the minds of Blacks

When it comes down to understanding who we are as black Americans, we truly must decolonize our minds from the past negative experiences. I have been writing for several years on issues concerning black America. Not only have I been writing, but I have invested timeless hours in mentoring the minds of black youths and helping them to realize how great of an asset they are to this world in which we live in.
Having said that, it brings me to the first point of the decolonization of mind, spirit and soul, which rest upon the banks of longevity for many black Americans. One may ask, what should we be decolonized from? First, decolonizing can be seen when “one people or nation establishes and maintains dependent territory over another.” I mentioned this because of the reactions in which many black Americans incite, only when blacks have been mistreated by others of a different race, in particularly the white race.
Our past history of slavery and disenfranchisement sometimes obstruct many from marching on the truth of what goes on within our own culture and environment. If we are to decolonize our minds away from what the past holds us hostage to, then we must be willing to not only forgive, but be proactively willing to annihilate the many issues concerning our own people first.
How you as a person or people perceive us, is how perceptions unto others are created secondary to what is presently before them and the actions that follow. Having grown up in the ghetto parts of America myself, I equate many of the present day housing projects to simple colonies that have grown tremendously from the original 13 colonies, to thousands of housing colonies (projects)owned by the state. Within my project area, I witnessed stolen items being sold on a daily basis, drugs being sold, fights, and territorial control from men that had no idea on how to become that in which they professed to be. A man.
Moreover, we have adopted a syndrome in which I would like to call the “step children”syndrome of America. This syndrome leaves us constantly needing an injection of acceptance and truth from a system that is not biologically ours, but it has extended its hand of forgiveness to us. This hand of forgiveness entails the right to be educated, housing rights, and other civil rights that have been mandated, but still our focus is re-shifted when race is involved and we need that attention from the mother system.
For example, the number of black youths that kill each other is unprecedented. The number of black males not finishing high school also runs parallel to the number of black youths vying to be the next hardcore drug dealer within the same streets in which some of our great leaders marched upon…,but who cares? Do we not care enough to know that too many black fathers are impregnating women and walking way? Do we not care that holding communities underneath the belt of poverty by selling drugs, destroying communities and allowing our black youths to pitch their best sale to those they say they care the most about will one day destroy theses colonies?
Think about this. Within the last month, over 12 murders happened in one particular weekend in Chicago. In the city of Augusta, Georgia alone there were over 18 shootings within a two week time period…, but who cares? When does black men become stimulated to move forward in a proactive way to train and teach our younger black males how to walk, dress and stand in character? How do we open our eyes to see education as one of the most important decisions of our lives? How do we keep our own communities clear of debris simply because we live there and its our duty to be accountable? On the other hand, does a black person have to be “wronged” or shown injustice from someone of a different race before we take notice and march? Or will we as black men finally take a stand to be an integral part of our community in every positive way possible and release ourselves from the self made noose that is hanging black males daily…Peace..


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