“NO SNitcHing…Are you Serious?

I battled with writing such an article titled “NO Snitching” secondary to the ignorance that the one- liner implies if nothing else. When one decides to say, “no snitching” this is a code on the streets that runs parallel to the level of intelligence embraced by those willing to keep such a secret away from allies that are putting their lives on the line only to stand for justice.
First of all, how can one ever keep a secret about something that either put other’s lives in jeopardy, or about a crime committed which also brings hurt to those enduring the experience at that particular time. When one states “No Snitching,” they are asking you to join the ranks of their own ignorance in an effort to empower you over weaker ones standing misaligned against the law. This allows them to carry out inappropriate deeds in the face of those they have no respect for their own community.
Secondly, lets think about why one would say not to ever snitch. In most of the cases in which I am familiar with, people of finite thinking will assert the “no snitching” rule when others are shot, robbed, killed, or some other form of criminal activity which deactivates the community’s involvement away from a positive state of being. Not only does this display a high level of ignorance, but it plays right into the hands of those that are willing to continually asphyxiate the community. This is done so by way of demonstrating negative power in the face of a different kind of power under which we are socialized.., the Law.
In other words, what if police officers never patrolled the high crime areas? What do you suspect would happen? When people are shot or robbed, will the men within that community stand up and become proactive and resolve such issues or will criminals with this type of finite thinking see this as an advantage to continually plague the weakened places and empower themselves with ongoing control over dilapidated areas?
You see, when crime happens, it is everyone’s responsiblity to speak up especially if you are a witness to the crime. There are those that are willing to take control of communities simply because they have nothing else to control within their lives. In other words, many inner city neighborhoods and those alike have become devastated over the years secondary to what is allowed (by weaker men) within our neigboring communities. You must understand that the criminals within these environments aren’t their to save the environment or community, but they are there to put every possible effort into ruining a place that have the potentials of having high values unlike themselves.
Finally, like-minded individuals that stand up for the “No-snitching rule” are themselves tithering along the edge of doing-wrong. Perhaps this is the reason why many are willing to hold secrets and continually put good neighboring people in harm’s way. But, I say to you, be different. Stand when others want stand. Fight when others refuse to fight, and protect when others are so afraid that they rather live within a hostile environment and deal with the plethera of dwelling in fear rather than rising above criminal experiences.. Stand Up and Be Proactive!

Author of “The Noose On The Black Community”

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