YOU “R” your IMAGE…

What can be found in an image? The key word in which image can be found is called “imagine”. This word imagine has the ability to open our minds up to infinite experiences in which we all take part in every moment we are left to think and every day we are confronted with in life. In other words, image is everything.
On the other hand, image also holds a key to understanding the intra-character in which we all walk around with, but sometimes abuse. Like it or not, image is powerful and it is one of the most important assets we hold within the stake of our own bodies. We should be mindful to construct ourselves like houses as we walk along this temporary pathway of life. Constructing ourselves in a solid way comes along with having a foundation that is sturdy enough to withstand the storms we all are sure to come in contact with at some point.
Onward,sometimes we fail to promote and invest more into one of our key investments we all have ties to.., and that is ourselves. When I was younger, I walked around looking any way I wanted to look and I challenged anyone that thought I should look more descent than what I displayed. This was my perception and it hurt me more than it helped me. What I didn’t realize is that I would need to depend on others to have a good salary, good references, and a good opinion as to who I was and what I embodied as a person. Walking around with my pants hanging down and a hardened look on my face as if I had oil wells in my back yard, was not only the pathway of simplicity and finite thinking, but I cost myself many opportunities. By overlooking the very thing in which I had ownership of,”self,” had started to become a liability for me and those in which I presented myself to.
You must understand that “you” as an individual have to see yourself in a way that others may never see you. This is where self discovery occurs. You see.., when you walk in good character, you display good image. This communicates to others the very worth in which you stand for. If you walk around and look like a “thug” or “knuckle head” then others will perceive you just that way. The reason is simple. It goes against the normality of what is considered to be the norm in our society and what appears to look untrustworthy, then many will go with just that.
Finally, don’t cheat yourself out of one of the greatest assets you own. Take note on how you walk through life, and present yourself to others as if you were golden on the inside and not a questionable stock that will always lose value. Move to become every bit of the asset you have on the inside, and I promise you that the world will reward you for the assets in which you express..IMAGE.

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