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OK Men, How do You Explain This!!

  There are many things in this world that seem so hard to comprehend, but when it comes down to the preservation of life, how do we as people kill others for no reason? After reading the story about the … Continue reading

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It’s Time for Our Annual “Prepare to be Jealous” Newsletter!

Originally posted on SHE'S A MAINEIAC:
Greetings! It’s time once again to reflect on all our accomplishments over the past year! Why? Because the calendar tells us we should, even though time is¬†purely a¬†construct of our minds and doesn’t…

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” The Downfall of Many Black Youths,.. Whose to Blame?”

I’ve read many articles concerning the violence that interrupt the streets of cities leaving others bewildered and confused. With that being said, many ask questions such as “do we need a voice for this generation?” Aside from a question like … Continue reading

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Of the becoming of Men

One of the greatest challenges that young boys will often overlook during their lifetime is that of how to become…    One may wonder “how to become what?” And the answer is a Man. Day after day we witness or … Continue reading

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Watch “Black Man I Am!” on YouTube

Who do you blame for your own shortcomings? Continue reading

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