Of the becoming of Men

One of the greatest challenges that young boys will often overlook during their lifetime is that of how to become…
   One may wonder “how to become what?” And the answer is a Man. Day after day we witness or hear stories of young men that complicate their lives early on. Not only do many complicate their lives but some take others and destroy theirs as well. The one thing that isn’t made apparent to young boys who are “in search” is that of the truth.
The truth about self discovery and the truth about who they really are.
   Young men must come to understand that good character is a trait that is available to all. What makes the difference are the choices we make when we are involved within the situation.
    Many people talk of choices but I would like to put it in simpler terms. For instance, I don’t think people during their growing years say ” I would like to go to prison for ten years when I grow up.” You must understand that finding yourself in trouble becomes the consequence of the behavior in which you enforce.. Remember everyday is an experience and during your daily experiences you must question your actions..It’s just that simple.
   Next, character development must be activated. When we see young men marching to the beat of their misaligned lifestyle, they often look for others to bail them out once they get in trouble, right? It’s amazing to know that some young men will avoid the best advice, get in trouble and then ask others to help  get them out of it, only to repeat a similar pattern.
     This is where I like to help others discover what they rarely discover until they are in a hard place. The truth and process of becoming a better young man takes time, effort, love, longsuffering, and patience if you are to understand “you”.
    Onward, when young men fail to understand this process, they also fail to extend respect to those they meet during their lifetime. Those they may disrespect during the course of their lives are: self, other young men, girls they take advantage of,  parents, teachers and those of the like. It all goes along with the respect of “self” and how to discover the best of “you.”
   Finally, if you are a young man or know of a young man that seeks to grow in good character then adhere to these following steps:

1. Live only how you want to be….(if you are drinking, smoking, partying, gang banging, stealing etc. then get ready to live in a place that minimizes that….jail)

2.  Show me your friends:
        (If you show me your  friends I’ll show you your future)..Think about it.

3.  Be Coacable:
      Every young male needs a life coach. Someone to hold them accountable and help make positive decisions.

4. Challenge yourself daily:
     Always practice to become better. Ask yourself if you care for your surroundings and if so how do you respond. If you are not attentived to cleaning, assignments, or being timely then practice until you get better.
     Remember, becoming a better young man means  being aware of “you” and making your negatives become positive.
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