” The Downfall of Many Black Youths,.. Whose to Blame?”

I’ve read many articles concerning the violence that interrupt the streets of cities leaving others bewildered and confused. With that being said, many ask questions such as “do we need a voice for this generation?” Aside from a question like this one, others look to place the blame on someone or some- thing simply because they feel the need to blame others for the crimes being committed.
Truthfully, the blame falls upon a number of people. There is more than one window pane that we as people, in particularly men, must start peering through if we are to rectify this massive problem. Men throughout these communities that are holding down church pews,running for political agendas and involving themselves with other activities instead of safeguarding their communities are sitting down on their responsibilities. In other words, when men refuse to take a stand, then “boys in the hood” will create great dilapidation.

First, education is the key if we are to unlock the issues that are destroying countless youths while men of standard and those below standard sit aside and witness these catastrophic events. In some part, each and every man who sits idle within a community riddled with crime must share the blame. Why? It is due to the lack of responsibility on their part. Just as men wish to be the head of their households, they should also be the head of their communities. Just think of how much would change if a considerable number of men responded each time shootings occurred within neighbors. This would be powerful!! Not only should they respond, but real men of standard would create a plan to defeat the onslaught of mass violence and crime.
Secondly, one must ask themselves, why aren’t fathers found within close proximity of these crimes not calling for town hall meetings after crimes occur? Do you ever wonder that? These meetings are necessary in order to safeguard and defeat crime. Also, if these crimes aren’t stopped, more and more criminal activities will become even more widespread. We must understand that the spirit of many youths are like cities without walls if there is no control. Kids must be taught and this teaching must be ongoing along with a mind to care and a mind to understand responsibilities. So, if “men of standards” were to challenge themselves to reach a kid and teach a kid, then this will give them the opportunity to produce good fruit in some kid’s life.
Finally, I must say that the bus is not too late if we are to get on and save our kids and our communities. Without more black men taking a stand to safeguard our communities, then at risk black males will continue to die. With that being said, Men of standard must be willing to help by providing literacy programs, teaching of social economics and finances, family and moral group teachings, as well as having a spiritual foundation. Not only are there services needed, but there must be a consistency if change and improvement for black youths are to be recognized. Where do you stand?

For More information on taking a stand within your community email me at Christophersullivan41@gmail.com
Also Check out a good read at:


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