OK Men, How do You Explain This!!

  There are many things in this world that seem so hard to comprehend, but when it comes down to the preservation of life, how do we as people kill others for no reason? After reading the story about the young lawyer that was killed at the New Jersey Mall after putting his wife in the car I became ill. I waited to post this blog for many different reasons. One of the most important reasons was due to the fear of me knowing the color of the assailants. Why? Because all too many times homicide among blacks have become outrageously high. Even when one person gets killed I find that to be outrageous no matter what color,religion or creed they are.
Furthermore, this is the reason I wrote the book The Noose On The Black Community.I am trying to bring to the forefront of America’s mind that many black men are in trouble. Not only are we in trouble within our own communities, but this trouble is becoming a shared responsibility that has become malignant. Also, not only is this crime senseless, but this young lawyer Dustin Friedland died senselessly in front of his wife. To make matters worse it was during the holidays.
Onward, as I sit writing this post I must admit that I feel angry at the fact that this gentlemen was killed enjoying time with his wife. Where is freedom? Where are the demonstrators? Where are the people who like to stand up against violence when it occurs against blacks? Shouldn’t the same marchers walk against blacks when crimes of this magnitude occur against our white brothers? I think so! If a country wish to resolve the race issues that have been seemingly simmering in this great Melting Pot for so many years, than we must understand expressive love. Expressive love doesn’t simply happen amongst one particular race, but it is the responsibility of all races to unite under one umbrella if racism is to be broken. If you look at the situation that went down, these young thugs who are all black men share one thing in common…, that is a lack of love! There is no way to deny it. These thugs not only planned to rob Dustin but out of all of the guys involved in this crime, no one was MAN enough to say, “hey we can’t do that! We can’t pull this weapon on him. That would be disrespectful and dishonorable.” Not one of them.
So with knowing this, what has happen to many of our black youths? This is not only disturbing in Dustin’s case , but being that we (blacks)are only 12 percent of the population, we are rated very high on the murder chart and it all boils down to black men being the new NOOSE CARRIERS during this present age.How so? The purpose of a noose is utilized to asphyxiate life,hope,dreams and aspirations out of an individual and this is how Dustin’s life tragically ended. Just as other young men lives have ended when noose carriers become a menace in our society, we as men must immediately start to reach and teach the younger generation how to love, respect, and be responsible for ourselves, neighbors and communities.

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