Throughout my lifetime, I come to realize that change is inherent,change is what you make it, and most of all, change cannot exist until the MIND alters. During this time in my life as a young black author, I constantly question the whole theory of change in mankind. I have read books upon books about how the foundation of America have changed. I have seen African Americans walk through doors our ancestors could only dream of. I have witness the past events of marches via history channels, and read the many great things that African American men and women left behind before making their great exodus unto another place. All in all, I have seen and read about Change in a real and overcoming way.

   On a different note, there is something that bothers me to the core of my emotions.Being that African Americans are only 12.5% percent of the population, we seem to still struggle to arrive at a destination that is comfortable for us socially, morally, and sometimes spiritually. To let the truth be known, only “we” can stop this struggle. There is a big misunderstanding  that too many of us as African Americans males are refusing to realize. I can best say this as a black man and not have to worry about the umbrella of racism being held over my head. In theory, someone has to bring the truth to the forefront of the many black fathers that have spread their seeds in many different places with little concerns or accountability to give into. 

     I work with a number of youths within my community that easily total over 100 kids on a weekly basis. Many of these kids are not only acting out what they witness on the home front, but sad enough there has to be someone to blame.. In other words, these kids are already struggling secondary to their momma, daddy, or guardians that are comfortable with their existing struggles.In other words, the struggles of those raising many of the kids in America, is being passed as a torch but in a negative way.These existing struggles are passed down in ways such as missed education, being involved in petty crimes, group violence, cursing, child abuse, being comfortable in dilapidated environments and others of  the like. I bring this to the forefront of America, because we are all involved or in some way and will suffer from the struggles that others may go through in some part.

Onward, the best thing that can happen to those that are being exposed to crime, drugs, curses, abuse, or any other negative proclivity surrounding them, is the continuum of higher education. When we see our youths speaking in ignorance, walking around with their pants down, forsaking education, and males spreading seeds in different places without a care in the world, then we are witnessing the STRUGGLE and we are learning to live with it. These types of struggles can be alleviated only if men and women of standards are willing to carry, teach, and become demonstrative of the very thing that annihilates the character of individuals and streets of our neighboring communities.

    Overall, our minds can be viewed as the seats within our soul. If we continue to sit down throughout our lives as Americans, then we will keep ourselves hostage unto the very thing in which we dwell within, …our environment. It is with our minds that we, as men, can make better choices about how we care for the very place in which we live within. This should be a shared and collective duty that is taken over by men within communities throughout the U.S. Our duties as men should fall into the category of being caretakers, distributors and educators. When I ride through communities and I witness men standing on corners in the midst of scattered paper, broken down homes, and broken spirits, I witness men with incarcerated mindsets. The only way to be released from this arrest of mental incarceration is to become proactive and socially involved with teaching and leading.

Men must become proactive in policing their shared environment, teaching kids, (not how to curse or do the duggy dance) what it means to take part in working within their community, studying, and pushing inward towards a stronger moral and spiritual value that will bring conviction against a lifestyle that is broken. By doing so, it will propel us to overcome the STRUGGLE of a LIFESTYLE in which we all know and unfortunately, some have become use to…..


ChristopherTy is the author of “The Noose On the Black Community” 




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