“For The Love Of Her”

     Abuse for anyone is a giant that starts the fight over the lives of a weaker person and all too many times it leaves the victim fighting for many many years, even long after the giant is gone. Abuse is a hidden GIANT that suffocates the emotions of the abused causing them to struggle in silence (often too many times) and creating a stigma in which the victims travel within the shadows of a lonely identity.  When you’re fighting to feel the love of a someone else that doesn’t seem to know you’re there, where does one go, and how does one return without scars or reason? Running far, far away without a destination in mind, little Christopher carries a bag filled with “pain” which sometimes feel more comforting than anything else in which he could reach out and lay hands upon on a daily basis. Christopher Ty reaches deep inside the heart of a young soul and extract a hidden pain in which he shares with the world. 

     For The Love of Her tells the story of a young African American boy growing up on the dirt roads of Evans Georgia, dying to say I love you, but mad enough to say I hate you. With little money for bills and hardly any food to eat from day to day, Little Christopher struggles to fit in with other poverty ridden neighbors who realizes the abuse stemming from his mother that is going on, but refuse to do nothing but turn the other way. Growing older for little Christopher is the easy part, but the abuse in which he is subjected to by his domineering mother becomes the most challenging experience he could ever imagine. Without a shadow of a doubt, if you never knew what it felt like to be choked unconscious, beaten by an iron cord (simply because you look like your father), or hit in the back with a kitchen knife by your own mother, then one should peep into the world of little Christopher and wonder if survival is even worth it’s name. Coming Soon EARLY MAYImage ……

For The Love of Her……http://www.Christopher-Ty.com..     YOU WANT EVER FORGET IT!


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