A Challenge To “Self”

Have you ever been told that you wouldn’t be right for something or you don’t have what it takes? What about people saying: you’re not cut out for this or you need to try something else? These words are what I call words of disgrace, and usually people that spew such words are people that are venomous. I want spend a whole lot of time talking about people that are venomous, but what I will talk about is you and potentials that are within YOU…
First of all, when it comes down to believing in “you,” you should be the number one candidate. It’s very simple but often too many times we need other people’s permission or opinion in order to get us over the wall, when in fact, we host the best opinion of ourselves, within our self. Having confidence is not a thing of the past, nor is confidence some old cliche in which people throw out there just to sound good. In fact, when you are confident in what you believe in, then the only thing that matters is how often you challenge your “potentials” to complete the task. That’s right! Many of us have potentials along with desires, beliefs, and other goals found shut up on the inside of us, but when we give our potentials responsibilities we slowly open up the door “within ourselves,” allowing our potentials to flow.
Furthermore, it is not until we open up those doors, that we will witness a change. As many already know, change is inherent, but when we decide to move forward in life, we must be willing to ignite our actions, if we are to move. Here are some steps to make it happen.

1. First we must be willing to ignite our actions. Igniting our actions will push things forward. I know many people that still talk about their dreams, desires, hopes, and every other thing you could possibly think of. However, only talking about it leaves you at the pre-planning stage which is held captive within your mind. You must get it out and act on it.

2. Remain consistent. Whenever you ignite your project in life, there must be consistency, if you are to see results. This is critical, because for many, some people are starters and some are finishers. If you find yourself being a starter or just a finisher, then there is a break within your ignition process that must be connected in order to move from start to finishing. This can only happen when you’re consistently working your goals if you desire to see results.

3. See the finish line. “Without a vision, people perish.” If you don’t know where you are going or if you can’t see yourself obtaining those goals, then your vision will surely perish. Why not believe in yourself and hang your goals on the wall. I have a small board in my bedroom and on this board, I’ll write down what I plan to accomplish, and I’ll put dates to them just to challenge myself all the more. In other words, I’m able to see the very thing I’m speaking and hoping to achieve.

4. Finally, Just do it! For example, if you plan to start exercising but can never seem to find time to do it, then just do it. I found this to be hard, but at the same time easy. On some days, there is not enough time in the day.., at least that’s what I’ve convinced myself of. But, when I need to exercise and I have to work, I simply take my lunch break and speed walk around the building or along the sidewalk during my break. I may spend 5 minutes inhaling food (not really), then I commit to my goals. You can use this example with any of your goals you have in mind. The thing to remember is to become creative, ignite your actions, stay consistent while doing so, see the finish line and just do it!

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