What Do You Think?

What is it to perception? Perception is one of the greatest experiences that one can create against another. In the eyes of the beholder, this word called perception is enlarged based upon what is seen by the natural eye and above all, those actions that are displayed before the masses.    

     Furthermore, without perception, which is something we all create within our mental faculty, we sometimes hold a veil against the inlets of our mind. Sometimes our belief, is that others will accept how we present ourselves. No matter how we look.

     To add to this, one other great value we experience in life is the freedom to express. It’s our freedom that liberates us to be whoever and whatever we desire for that moment, but our morals mustn’t be forgotten. This is a problem I see time after time and with this problem comes character degradation. 

   However, one must also understand that there is a cost for the freedom in which we walk in during this walk of life. In other words, one of our quest in life should be the discovery of self. “Discovery of what?” you may ask. Well, discovery of the following.

  • Character
  • Morals
  • Respect of Self
  • Respect of Others
  • Ambitions.

     With all due respect, as I’ve worked with youths in the past, I’ve addressed and moved the minds of young men from a dilapidated state, to a higher level of thinking. Many never knew how great of an asset they were over the liability that existed within an uninformed mind. With that being said, the reason so many young men overlook character, morals, respect of self, others and their own ambitions, is all secondary to the ability to create a foundation they’ve never knew existed. Self-Belief.

     So, why do I say this? Well, as I mentioned earlier, perception in and of itself is an experience that is completely automatic. In other words, what you decide to dress like, automatically transmit a signal that carries a weight of influence upon other minds. So, by knowing this, at some point, one must then ask: Why is that I walk around with such a dilapidated character, wanting others to trust, give, and believe in something (me) that goes against the very thought of what they witness before their own eyes..

     When we don’t believe in ourselves and carry ourselves in a misaligned way, then others, want believe in us, and perception is drawn based upon a sensory experience and not a verbal argument.


Christopher Ty is the author of The Noose on the Black Community & For

The Love of Her.  





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