The Power of Words

Those of us that have a voice, also carry a gift that is undeniable. That undeniable gift that we carry can never be seen but it’s often felt each time we open our mouth to speak. This gift is called,… the gift of words.

The amazing thing is that; those words that are held within the compartment of our vocals, have the ability to either create life or create death. We also have the ability to speak and create some of the most beautifully designed words that ears may ever hear. That’s right, our tongue have the ability to deliver either the best of us or in some cases, it can deliver the worst of us. It all depends on what you choose to say…

Onward, many of us walk around and never realize just how powerful words are. We often take our words for granted. Some people even boldly speak (to others) what they desire to speak, without thinking about who’s being hurt or the emotional backdraft others may endure behind our spoken words.

For example, how many times have you found yourself in disagreement with someone you cared about. When your temperature rises, do you take a moment and think about what needs to be said, or do you become defensive and use your tongue as a weapon?

My point is this. That small organ that lies within the root of your mouth is so powerful, that it can take on every other organ within the body and easily talk itself away as the winner. That’s why when we speak negatively to others, our feelings, which is the front line of our emotional defense, becomes rattled. After this rattling occurs, our mind holds on to what’s being said only to remind us of the verbal damage long after the argument.

In other words, when we yell, curse, or insult others, we slowly erode their feelings. This is like a slow death for the heart. Not only does the heart feel it, but our emotions become aroused and the mind rejects the very thing that has birth the argument.., a foul tongue.

So, when we curse or shout at the ones we confess to love, think about this.

  • we erode their feelings
  • our heart gives up a part of truth
  • and their mind recedes to a place of protection, leaving us to be the beholder of our own foul tongue.

Finally, we all have the chance to speak life. Speaking life entails bringing out the best within ourselves, only to share it with others. Speaking life entails being selective about what is being said, even when we are hurting. Speaking life entails, turning an argument into a situation that not only allows others to see the purity within “self,” but it gives us a chance to bring the best of our character to the forefront of our own senses and display real LOVE…



Speak Life!





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