When Black lives Don’t Matter!



After watching the video involving the death of a black teenager being stabbed in the city of Augusta, Ga., I felt torn. I was torn for a number of reasons. I want delve into all the reasons, but I thought it to be a good time to introduce others to a small truth. A truth that involves those with broken morals.

First, it took me a while to digest what I witnessed on the video. Then I had to come up with a plan on what to say. Initially, the first thing that came to mind is my first book, The Noose On the Black Community, http://www.christopher-ty.com/.

Then I asked this one simple question. What is going on with people?

There seems to be an injustice dwelling upon the community of those that readily embrace broken morals. Not only are broken morals embraced, but self-denial seems to be at the forefront of act of violence we see played out in the media. Let me explain.

When people are killed by members of their own community, then Hate is the substratum of it all. Not only is it considered hate, but those carrying the noose are usually the ones’ responsible for the veil, that is cast widely over the minds of those in denial. In other words, the breakdown of morals, character and a desultory view of the individual self, all leads to failure. It leads to failure for the individual and subsequently a wider spread of failure for those within the community.

So, when Americans witnessed the stabbing of Demajhay Bell, we not only witnessed ignorance among this group of people, but we witnessed a sickness that has become cancerous throughout many similar communities. The unfortunate part is that many are unaware of their own failures. Crimes like this one also birth a new meaning to the phrase, being or acting neighborly. Could this be the reason why the word hood has such a big disconnect from the word neighbor? Think about it. One of the many definitions of the word neighbor is as follow. A neighbor is “a person who shows kindliness or helpfulness toward his or her fellow human.”

With that being said, I’ll let you come up with your own definition for the word, hood. By the way, hood is a word widely embraced by many young minds that are blinded by the veil of ignorance. Hmmm…, I’m from the hood.

Next, if good men cannot head up communities and become positive role models, then how does a group of people ever change? How will this psychological noose become loosened away from the minds of those that are in denial? The answer is quite simple. T herewill never be change, if there’s never a desire to understand that agent of change. That’s the change of Self.

So, when I see videos like that of Mr. Bell, or read about black murder, the phrase, Black Lives Matter, makes no sense. It only makes sense as a slogan, in the political arena. The truth is, All Lives Matter.

Finally, we must understand that self-value is the foundation of human dignity. When people don’t value themselves, it’s difficult to value neighbors, friends, and others throughout society. It’s also hard for others to place value on you. This then leads toward a pathway of destruction. A devalued self is always predicated upon the notion of denial (black lives matter). Such denial exists within the minds of those creating that type of lifestyle. It’s further imputed onto the minds of others, which leads to a malignant problem throughout many communities. This dangerous spread of denial will intuitively obstruct the mental growth of others, causing them to only fight against a system, when in fact, the problem is that of unmade men, who rejects their purpose in life. This denial will continue to lead towards a tightening of the psychological noose and hence the slogan, the Noose On the Black Community, will not cease until broken morals can become morals that have found a way in becoming mended morals.






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